Legal Raps: Everything You Need to Know

Yo, listen up, I’ve got the legal lowdown,
Gonna drop some knowledge and let it flow around.
We’ve got business rule definition, it’s the first on the list,
Understanding the law, legal insights, oh what a twist.

Next up we got IRS dependent care FSA rules,
Everything you need to know, no need to be fools.
Casual employee contract in Australia, what’s the deal?
Legal requirements and guidelines, it’s all very real.

Is absinthe in Singapore legal or not?
Everything you need to know, all the legal facts brought to the spot.
When will sports gambling be legal in Kansas, you wanna know?
Latest updates, analysis, the info you need to help your dough grow.

Got a dropshipping agreement template in Word, it’s free to get,
Legal insights and information, yeah, no need to fret.
Do you know the legal definition of employee in the UK?
Understanding employee status, oh what a display.

Florida law on smoke breaks at work, what does it say?
Regulations and insights to help you along your way.
And of course, we got celebrities in legal trouble, the juicy gossip we all crave,
Insights and analysis, oh what a rave.

Finally, a deferred prosecution agreement for Meng, it’s on the docket,
Legal insights and information, everything you need to pocket.